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RWJPE Welcomes New Providers, Brandon Oberweis, MD and Hitesh Patel, MD

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We are growing our family! As part of our dedication to providing you with exceptional customer and clinical service as well as convenience, we have expanded our network of providers. RWJPE is pleased to welcome cardiologist, Brandon Oberweis, MD to RWJPE Cardiology Associates of New Brunswick, as well as family medicine provider, Hitesh Patel, MD and his staff at Edison Family Care- Patel.

Dr. Brandon Oberweis earned his medical degree from Penn State College of Medicine. He completed his internship and residency in internal medicine at New York University Langone Medical Center in New York City, where he was chosen both intern and resident of the year. In addition, he completed his fellowship in cardiovascular disease at Columbia University Medical Center also in New York City, where he served as the Chief Cardiology Fellow. His cardiovascular interests include general cardiology, preventive cardiology, cardio-oncology, valvular and ischemic heart disease, congestive heart failure, critical care cardiology, and advanced cardiovascular imaging.

RWJPE Cardiology Associates of New Brunswick has two locations: 593 Cranbury Road East Brunswick, NJ 08816 and 10 Forrestal Road South Princeton, NJ 08540. To schedule an appointment or to contact the office, please call (732)-390-3333.

Dr. Hitesh Patel has been providing medicine to the Edison area for over two decades. He earned his medical degree at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ, Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine. He completed his residency in family medicine at Family Practice in Edison, NJ at JFK Medical Center. He is board certified in Family Medicine. Dr. Patel prides himself in providing high quality healthcare to all of his patients, combined with a patient and compassionate approach.

RWJPE Edison Family Care Patel is located at 1804 Oak Tree Road, Suite 4, Edison, New Jersey 08820. To schedule an appointment or to contact the office, please call (732)-744-0634.

Make an Appointment at RWJPE:

When you choose an RWJPE provider, you gain a partner you can trust to not only treat you when you’re sick, but guide you towards improved health and wellness. The addition of Drs. Oberweis and Patel, further enhances our goal of providing the highest level of quality care to our patients and their families, while expanding our network of physicians in New Jersey. If you would like to schedule an appointment or learn more about our new physicians, please contact us today!


One Brave Idea Award Winner Calum A MacRae, MD to Provide Keynote at 14th Annual RWJBarnabas Health Cardiovascular Symposium

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On Saturday, October 14, RWJBarnabas Health will host its 14th Annual Innovations and Trends in Cardiovascular Care Symposium at The Heldrich Hotel located at 10 Livingston Avenue in New Brunswick. The program will feature the 2017  winner of the One Brave Idea research award, Calum A. MacRae, MD, PhD, Chief, Cardiovascular Division and Co-chair, Genomic Medicine Program Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Associate Professional of Medicine, Harvard Medical School.

The Symposium is jointly provided by RWJBarnabas Health and Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Department of Medicine, Division of Cardiovascular Disease and Hypertension. This activity is approved for AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ and Continuing Nursing Education Hours.

Registration information to follow. 

Alexander Kulischenko, MD, Idelma Kulischenko, MD and Iris Mentle, MD join RWJPE


At RWJ Physician Enterprise (RWJPE), we pride ourselves on our patient-centered, comprehensive approach to providing healthcare. We want you to have the best experience possible, which is why we provide educational resources about disease treatment and prevention, as well as personalized medical treatment and convenient appointment scheduling. Our highly-skilled, expert physicians are who make it all happen, and we’ve just added a few more to our family. RWJPE is pleased to welcome Drs. Alexander and Idelma Kulischenko and their staff at East Brunswick Primary Care as well as Dr. Iris Mentle to the RWJPE Heart Specialists of Central Jersey.

Alexander Kulischenko, MD and Idelma Kulischenko, MD


Dr. Alexander Kulischenko and Dr. Idelma Kulischenko are proud to have been practicing internal medicine in New Jersey for over three decades. Drs. Kulischenko both attended medical school at the Universidad Central del Este, Dominican Republic, and are affiliated with Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. Their practice, East Brunswick Primary Care, provides a full array of internal medicine services – treating both acute and chronic illnesses. Drs. Kulischenko believe in preventive medicine, which is why they emphasize the importance of annual well visits.

East Brunswick Primary Care is located in East Brunswick, New Jersey, 08816 on 495 Ryder’s Lane. To schedule an appointment or to contact the office, please call (732)-613-9155. 

Iris Mentle, MD


RWJPE Heart Specialists of Central Jersey recently welcomed Dr. Iris Mentle to the practice. Dr. Mentle has practiced cardiology for nearly three decades, and received her medical degree from Stony Brook University School of Medicine. She specializes in diseases and illnesses associated with the cardio vascular system, focusing on diseases and abnormalities of the heart. She is joining the team of fellow cardiologists Dr. Awasthi, Dr. Shukla, Dr. Menon, Dr. Weber, and Dr. Gutowski.

RWJPE Heart Specialists of Central Jersey is located at 901 West Main Street in Freehold, New Jersey. To schedule an appointment or to contact the office, please call (732)-866-0800.

Make an Appointment at RWJPE

When you choose an RWJPE provider, you gain a partner you can trust to not only treat you when you’re sick, but guide you towards improved health and wellness. The addition of Dr. Alex Kulischenko, Dr. Idelma Kulischenko and Dr. Iris Mentle, further enhances our goal of providing the highest level of quality care to our patients and their families, while expanding our network of physicians in New Jersey. If you would like to schedule an appointment or learn more about our new physicians, please contact us today!

Prevent Track and Field Injuries this Spring


Track and field is a huge sport many athletes around the country participate in during the spring. Although it’s not a contact sport, injuries still happen. Track and field offers a large variety of events for athletes to partake in such as running, throwing and jumping. Each of these events can lead to several different injuries, mainly due to overuse. However, there are many ways you can prevent yourself from getting injured this track and field season. Below are some simple steps you can take to reduce your risk for injury. 

How to Prevent Track and Field Injuries

Wear Properly Fitted Shoes

Improper footwear can cause a number of injuries, including ankle sprains and fractures. The correct fitting shoe helps your ankle joints stay stable, and can help lessen the impact of heavy landings on your feet. A good rule to also follow is getting new sneakers every 300-500 miles or every new season to provide your fee with adequate protection.

Warm-Up Drills

To help prevent injuries, improve your running form and increase speed, there are certain warm-ups you need to perform. Toe walking, heel walking, high knees, butt kicks, rhythm skips, quick skips and bounding are all proper warm-up drills that you need to do before you practice or compete. But first make sure you start your warm-up with an easy jog and light stretching.


All track and field athletes should start training slowly and gradually progress as the season goes on. If you’re a runner, your duration and intensity should increase about 5-10% each week. It’s also good to switch up your workouts during the week, but make sure you’re also giving yourself time to rest to stay healthy.

Gait Analysis

Gait analysis measures your body movements, body mechanics and the activity of your muscles. Having your track and field gait looked at can help prevent different injuries, especially if you’re a distance runner. It’ll reveal how you’ll hold up during training and ultimately perform.

Strength Training

A great way to prevent injuries in track athletes is strength training. Strength training is used to strengthen the muscles, tendons, bones, and ligaments to increase muscle mass. It helps increase your speed, strength, agility and muscular endurance, which helps build up your resistance to injury.

Proper Form

Before any track and field event, you should always be aware of your form. Not having the correct form can lead to injuries. The more you work on your technique the better.

Cool Down

You should always take time after your event or practice to properly stretch and cool down. Each stretch should at least be held for 30 seconds, stretching out your hamstrings, quads, calves and back muscles.

Stay Hydrated and Eat a Healthy Diet

You should always be aware that you’re burning calories during practice. In order to perform better and avoid injuries, you should be replenishing what you lose. Staying hydrated and eating healthy can help. Every 15-20 minutes of exercise, you should be taking in six to eight ounces of fluid. You should also be eating a well balanced diet filled with protein, fruits, vegetables and dairy.

Find a Sports Medicine Provider in NJ

If you’ve injured yourself due to a track and field injury, schedule an appointment at RWJ Physician Enterprise. Our sports medicine providers can help you get back to your active lifestyle quickly and safely. Contact us for more information!

How to Beat Spring Allergies


Did you know springtime allergies could start as early as February and last until late summer? Don’t let itchy eyes or a constant runny nose take over your life this spring. Prevent symptoms by taking control of your allergies before they take full effect. Find some relief with these tips on how to beat springtime allergies.

Take Allergy Medicine

The best way to beat allergies this spring is to take allergy medication. However, it might take a little trial and error to find the best medicine for you. Allergy drugs like antihistamines help block your body’s response to allergies. They can help if you’re sneezing, have a runny nose or with itchy eyes. Decongestants can also help relieve uncomfortable allergy symptoms, especially a stuffy nose.

But if your allergies are more severe, your doctor may recommend allergy shots. Allergy shots can help you build up a resistance to pollen, as the injections contain a little bit of the pollen itself. Your body will build up a defense system that keeps pollen from causing your symptoms.

Restrict Your Time Outside

In the spring, billions of pollen grains are released into the air by trees. With all that pollen in the air it’s easy to breathe them into your nose and lungs, triggering an allergic reaction. Limiting your time outside can help you avoid the constant sniffling and irritated eyes. It doesn’t mean you have to hibernate and stay inside all spring. It just means you should stay in when the pollen count is the highest, which is during the early morning hours and on windy days.

When you do go outside, you should take the necessary precautions so your allergies don’t get out of control. It’s best to wear glasses or sunglasses to keep the pollen out of your eyes. If you’re working outside in the garden or mowing the lawn try wearing a filter mask to protect yourself from inhaling harmful allergens. Once you go back inside, take off your shoes and make sure you head right to the shower! Wash your hair out and change into new clothes so you don’t bring the pollen inside with you.

Make Changes Around Your House

Changes around your house can make a huge difference when it comes to allergies. Instead of opening your windows to let cool air in just turn on the air conditioning. Also avoid using a window fan, which can suck pollen inside. Shutting your windows all together can help you keep out the pollen in your house.

Most importantly thoroughly clean your house. Cleaning your floors with a vacuum that has a high-efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA), which trap 99.97% of microscopic particles in the air. This will help keep your house allergy free and prevent any symptoms from popping up. Also, if you’re doing laundry, don’t line dry your clothes when it’s warm out. If they’re hanging outside they’ll just collect pollen, which can enter your house and get all over your furniture and bedding.

Cut Back on Foods that Make Allergies Worse

Certain types of food can actually make your pollen allergies worse, including melons, bananas, cucumbers, sunflower seeds and chamomile. While cutting back and making your diet more allergen friendly, be careful to look for even the slightest of food tolerances that can bring on your symptoms. Eliminating foods that you are sensitive to will ease the toll they take on your immune system.

Allergy Relief in New Jersey

Prevent and treat your allergies at RWJPE. Our family medicine providers are the first line of defense against your allergy symptoms. Our providers are located all throughout the Central New Jersey region for your convenience. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and beat your allergies in time for spring.

5 Tips to Improve Sleep for Kids and Teens by Priyanka Yadav, DO

by jp-rwj-admin

There are a series of consequences to sleep deprivation in young adults.  According to Priyanka Yadav, DO and RWJPE Sleep Medicine Specialist, those who are not getting enough sleep (8-10 hours a night according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine for teenagers 13-18 years old), run the risk of the following:

  • Mood disorders
  • Drowsy driving
  • Impairment of attention and working memory
  • Obesity

So what can you do to help kids and teens sleep better? Dr. Yadav suggests these top 5 tips, some of which apply not only for our teens but for the parents as well.

  1. Set a strict sleep schedule 7 days a week with an adequate amount of time to sleep.  In this case it should be 8-10 hours of sleep.  
  2. No electronics in the bedroom!  No phone, social networking, instant messaging, computer TV, digital music device or any other distractions in the bedroom.
  3. Keep room a cool and dark environment.
  4. Try to push for later school start times.  We are short changing our kids when it comes to sleep and it is manifesting in more obesity and mental disorders in kids.
  5. If simple hygiene changes are not helping then talk to your primary care doctor or pediatrician about a possible sleep disorder.  Obstructive sleep apnea, Insomnia, Narcolepsy and restless legs are common sleep disorders seen in kids.  Some of these require a overnight sleep study in a sleep lab to be evaluated. 

If you are concerned about sleep issues, or if you are looking for a primary care team that will help you manage your family's health, please visit www.rwjpe.com/FindaDoctor to find a physician that’s right for you. 

Introduction of RWJ Barnabas Health

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Barnabas Health and Robert Wood Johnson Health System announced last week the completion of the merger of their two health systems to form the most comprehensive health system in the state of New Jersey – RWJBarnabas Health. To learn more, visit www.rwjbhinfo.org

1 in 4 Americans with Diabetes are unaware they have it

by jp-rwj-admin

According to the American Diabetes Association and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), 29 million Americans, or 9% of the U.S. population, are affected by diabetes.  Could you be one of the 7 million Americans that has diabetes and doesn’t know it? 

The 4th Tuesday of March is recognized as American Diabetes Association Alert Day, which occurs every year with the goal of raising awareness about the risk factors for diabetes, and taking the proper steps to diagnose and treat it early.  Early diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes can help prevent or delay the onset of complications such as heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, as well as problems with your eyes and feet. 

For people who are 45 or older, overweight, and have a family history of diabetes, healthcare professionals recommend scheduling a visit with your primary care physician to talk about your risk factors and discuss getting tested for pre-diabetes or Type 2 diabetes. 

Jackie Plick, RN, BSN, MA, ANP-C is an experienced diabetes educator and Manager of Care Coordination for RWJ Partners who works closely with the RWJ Physician Enterprise practices to develop educational programs, tailored care plans and coordinated care for those with diabetes.  She offers this advice:  “So many times patients see their doctor and haven’t experienced any symptoms, yet the tests reveal they are pre-diabetic.  Once we know what we are dealing with, we can create a care plan that allows a patient to slowly and safely reduce their weight by making simple modifications to their diet, and start incorporating exercise into their daily routine.  Often through these basic steps, we can prevent the onset of Type 2 diabetes and make a difference in their health and wellness.”  

Plick goes on to say, “I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for patients to schedule their annual check-ups with their primary care physician.  Don’t just visit your doctor’s office when you’re sick.  Get familiar with your risk factors.  Do your best to maintain a healthy weight, and talk to your doctor about how you can prevent many of the common health problems like diabetes that are plaguing our society.”

With more than 120 providers throughout Central New Jersey, RWJPE physicians and their staff are eager to work with patients to create lifestyle changes that can help improve overall health and decrease the risk of future health complications.  If you are concerned about your risk for developing diabetes, or if you are looking for a primary care team that will help you manage your diabetes, please visit www.rwjpe.com/FindaDoctor to find a physician that’s right for you. 

Robotic Surgery Healthtalk featuring Craig Rezac, MD and Dhiren Dave, MD

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RWJPE Locations Wear Red for Heart Awareness

RWJPE Locations Wear Red for Heart Awareness

by jp-rwj-admin

Check out the images from RWJPE Wear Red Day on our Facebook Page.  All funds raised during the month of February will be donated to the American Heart Association in loving memory of our colleague RoseMarie Lustbader.

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